Risen with Christ at Holy Cross Monastery

The season of Easter is a time for refreshment and renewal in the lives of Christians. This retreat is specifically designed to give clergy and religious space for enlivened encounters with God through art, scripture and devotions. Participants come away reinvigorated in their love and faithfulness to God.

Join us April 13-15, 2018 at Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, New York. Full details can be found Here.

Register at Holy Cross Monastery’s website.

Taize Pilgrimage Set for 2018

We are very excited to announce our next Pilgrimage to Taize, set for July 6-15, 2018.

Taizé is a place that offers young people an opportunity to discover a meaning for their life and to renew their strength for daily commitments. An ecumenical, monastic community, it provides time and space for sharing questions, praying together, finding a new lens through which to see the Church and the world, and meeting people from around the world.

For more information about Taize, please visit their website at www.taize.fr

You can also download our flyer: Taize 2018 flyer.

For more information, and to sign up, see our Taize Pilgrimage 2018 page.


Agents of Peace in a Time of Fear featured in The Wall Street Journal

Roots &  Branches presented its newest program at Holy Cross Monastery in March of 2017. Agents of Peace in a Time of Fear is a retreat that “aims to reinforce our trust in and dedication to the peacemaking work of Christ”. The program was well-received, and gained the attention of Clare Ansberry, journalist for The Wall Street Journal. On March 15, 2017 Ms. Ansberry published “A New Retreat for These Times”, an article featuring Agents of Peace.

Read the Wall Street Journal article here.

Roots & Branches will be leading another installment of Agents of Peace at the Taconic Retreat Center in Milan, NY in the summer of 2017. For more information and to sign up, please visit the Taconic Retreat Center’s website here, or call 845-758-8764.

Lift Up Your Hearts: A Music And Liturgy Workshop

This practical and inspirational workshop demonstrates how liturgy can be more than just well-orchestrated services, but authentic experiences of worship by the creative and prayerful use of scripture, music, space, and silence.

Pilgrimage To Taize, France

Each year, thousands of youth and young adults experience a unique week-long retreat at the modern monastic Ecumenical Community of Taizé in France. They share the riches of Christian scripture, prayer, and community life in an ecumenical and international setting. This pilgrimage, for youth and young adults ages 16 through 30, also includes two days in Paris to explore religious and other cultural sites.

Spirituality and Giving in Ramadan: An Interfaith Study Program to Morocco

Morocco, long a land of diverse cultures and a stronghold for the Muslim World, is the setting of this informative and inspiring interfaith study tour. Strategically scheduled during the holy month of Ramadan, participants will gain a deeper understanding of Islam: its theology, spirituality, and its relationship to the daily lives of Muslims.
Program Format
Lectures, guest speakers, power point and video presentations
Meetings with local officials, religious leaders and scholars
Two-day International Conference
Lectures will take place at historic sites in
Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fez and Rabat

Gold From The Silver Screen: Reel Religion

Movies make profound impact on popular culture by portraying life in strikingly bold and poignant ways. Participants view and discuss contemporary movies and explore ways their themes relate to Christian faith and life.

Mutual Ministry Reviews

Informed by the Appreciative Inquiry model of assessing and advancing the ministry of congregations, these one or two-day reviews give clergy and lay leaders opportunity to take stock of current ministries and practices, plan ways to strengthen those, and develop new ministries.

Parish Leadership Retreats And Workshops

Roots & Branches offers retreats and workshops for parish leaders to review current ministries and design strategies to further engage the mission of the congregation. Such events emphasize both the spiritual underpinnings of Christian ministry as well as the practical aspects of parish leadership. These practical aspects include clarification of roles, parameters of authority, and appreciation of the various gifts and talents that exist among parish leaders, and in the congregation as a whole. Specialized retreats and workshops can be created to serve particular needs of congregations.